I Believe

I think it is important when you access a Christian website that you know what the author believes. At least, then, you have some idea of who you are dealing with and whether he or she is ‘fair dinkum’ or some sort of crackpot.  I therefore make a statement below of the things I believe, for you to examine.

1. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God from Genesis1:1 to Revelation 22:21. That means that every word therein, unless obviously intended as poetry or allegory, should be taken literally. It means that every word, whilst recorded by human hand, was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

2. I believe in the Biblical triune God (the Trinity).  That does NOT mean three Gods, but one God in three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, totally righteous and the ultimate source of all love, goodness and light.

3. I believe that God created the entire universe and everything in it in six earth days.  The theory of relativity shows time travels at different speeds in different parts of the universe, explaining why billions of years may have passed elsewhere in space, while only 6000 years have passed here.

4. I believe in miracles. God rested from creating on the seventh day. The physical creation is now controlled by natural laws designed by God Himself. But there are times when He sees fit to intervene and by-pass these natural laws.

5. I believe Adam was an historical person, the first man, who was given dominion over all God had made. Adam disobeyed God and as a result the curse of sin and death was placed over all the creation.

6. I believe God had a purpose in creating mankind which surpasses the constructs of the original creation. God wanted to become One with His creation.  To achieve a meaningful union, it needed to be tested, so that only that part possessing a true heart for Him could be isolated.

7. I believe that God’s standard for perfection has more to do with heart attitude towards Him and others and the ability to forgive, than the ability to live a sinless or ‘perfect’ life.  This doesn’t mean it is OK to sin.  It does mean we will be judged by the standard we expect from others.

8. I believe that God came to Earth in human form some two thousand years ago, was born by virgin conception, died a human death on our behalf and rose again on the third day. His sacrifice was needed to pay for our transgression of His standards, to lift the curse of sin and death, and to make us wholly acceptable to Him.  This atonement was not only to restore our relationship with Him, but also to prepare a Bride without spot or wrinkle for union with Him at a divinely appointed time.

9. I believe in a real and active evil entity, usually referred to as Satan, who is intent on thwarting God’s eternal purpose and usurp His place. This evil entity was defeated on the cross when Jesus died, but it still hasn’t sunk in.

10. I believe God gave us all a free will, to choose whether we would accept His sacrifice to make us acceptable to Him.  No good works will qualify us, only faith in Jesus Christ. Those who reject His sacrifice will spend eternity separated from Him.  Ultimately, His wisdom will decide the outcome for those who died before Jesus came, or died before reaching an age of understanding, or died before hearing about Jesus. The rest of us have no excuse.

11. I believe in the ‘Great Commission’ assigned to the believers at Jesus’ ascension, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.

12. I believe in the Holy Spirit, given to comfort as well as empower us.  It is the Holy Spirit Who convicts us of our sin and directly links us to the Father and the Son and each other.  He enables us to overcome our fallen nature and brings us into divine love and unity.

13. I believe in contemporary spiritual gifts, designed to equip His followers.  These gifts include, amongst others, healing, tongues and prophecy.  I also believe there have been many false versions of these gifts in the church.

14. Finally, I believe that Jesus is coming back to collect His Bride at a time only the Father knows.  I think it will be soon, but much still needs to be done to prepare that Bride for His return.