Series 2 Introduction: Things We Don't Like About God


I don’t believe in shirking the difficult questions. In fact, I get a bit of a kick out of tackling the subjects most preachers prefer to avoid. In my first series, I probably trod on a few toes with my essays on ‘Slain in the Spirit’, ‘Evolution vs Creation’ and ‘Prosperity Doctrine’. May I say that, while I addressed these subjects critically, my deep motivation was love for Jesus, truth and the body of Christ.  I don’t think love is keeping quiet.  I think love is shown in every attempt at communication.

In this second series I intend to tackle areas of Christianity which many Christians living in this New Age culture have trouble with.  They would probably prefer it if these things were never mentioned in the Bible, and, if they had a say in it, would gladly have them removed.  They are subjects I myself find troubling in one way or another.  Like women preaching in church, or homosexuality, or Old Testament violence.

God is God.  Much as we may not understand Him, we are stuck with Him just as He is. No amount of worldly argument or secular wisdom, no number of times we stick our head in the sand, and no amount of wishful thinking, is going to change Him.  If any part of Him doesn’t appeal to us, it is ’us’ that will have to change, not Him. We are indeed fortunate that He happens to be good, righteous and loving, and has our best interests at heart.

The Bible is His message to us.  It reveals all He wants us to know about Him at this stage.

Basically, it is a proposal of marriage.  For eternity

Just the way a woman meets her ‘perfect man’ and then tries to change him, or a man meets that ‘free spirit’ he has longed for and then puts her in a cage, the churches have tried to change God, to mold Him to our personal preferences. It is the biggest reason for all the division in the Church. It must stop.  I believe the right time is now.


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An examination of the difficulties encountered in determining the true meaning of the scriptures and the approach Christians should take.

Are we really so bad, we need salvation?

Viva la difference
The Bible undeniably presents a gender differentiation which sits very uncomfortably in the new age value system. What is the answer to women in leadership positions and in marital relationship?

With the current debate raging, it is important we know where God stands on this controversial issue.

Old Testament Violence
How can a loving God not only condone the killing of Pagan women and children, but actually instruct His own Chosen People to do His dirty work?

What is Church?  How come the manifestation of the Body of Christ here on Earth resembles other religions so closely, especially when Jesus envisaged something stunningly different?

Church Leadership
What example should our leaders set. Who are we to emulate and what leadership style is right for the Church?

Have we got our priorities right?  Is it possible that by having them wrong we end up chasing our tails and never reaching the state of fulfilment God designed us to attain?

Child Discipline
Today’s youth seem out of control. Drugs, sex and rebellion against parental value systems seem to to be the ‘in’ thing. Parents have no rights.  Our children are taught they can leave home as young as 13, if they claim they can’t get on with their parents, courtesy of a Government ready to throw money at them without question. So is it wrong to smack a child?

Adultery and Divorce
When does admiration turn into lust? Are our natural pro-creational urges an excuse ?  What do you do when testosterone is out of control, the environment is filled with temptation, and Jesus tells us just thinking about it is as bad as doing it?

The law doesn’t recognise a baby as a person until it is born. So the issue of abortion is legally considered to be a matter of the mother treating her own body, rather than dealing with another human being.  At what point does a fetus become a person in God’s mind?

Pagan Customs in the Church
The need in Man to be ‘religious’ makes him invent gods and make up religions. In the end, all these religions are about him, not about the god worshipped.  Lack of originality causes Man to borrow ideas from other religions, particularly the ideas he likes.

Summary of Series 2
A summary of site content so far.