Summary of Series 2

There are many things in the Bible that we don't like.  What those things are, varies from person to person, but it is the nature of Man to deny true reality, and to shape his ambient 'reality' to suit his personal preferences. So, if an unbeliever doesn't want to acknowledge a Creator God, he will latch onto, and give credence to, any school of thought that supports chemical evolution.  Unfortunately, believers are just as guilty.  Most of us manage somehow to twist the scriptures to make them mean what we would like them to mean.

We don our academic cloaks and debate sexual immorality, as if extensive argument will magically change God's position on the issue.  We search the scriptures for useful verses, or parts of verses, which will somehow justify whatever sin or amusement we have a penchant for.  (And when I say 'sin', I'm referring to anything that lies outside of His will).  Abortion is misrepresented as an issue of women dealing with their own bodies, instead of with other human beings.  Child discipline is neglected under a wave of child protection, and we wonder why we have a problem with our youth. We teach our children worldly values, and then wonder why they aren't interested in God. The biblical stand on these things is blatantly obvious, yet we manage to convince ourselves it's not.

I have had a number of Christian women tell me, after reading my essay called 'Vive la difference', that they like the bit where men have to lay down their lives for their wives, but they don't agree with women having to be silent in the church or having to submit to their husbands. Personally, I like a woman who has an opinion and passionately expresses it. Many women have much to contribute intellectually, physically and spiritually.  But I say it again: "We cannot be selective in which bits we believe". Either we believe in an all-powerful Biblically revealed God Who wants us for his bride, or we don't really believe at all. Either we accept God entirely as He is, or we stray into the area of idol worship, by making up our own God, exhibiting only the traits that appeal to us. 

Imagine a young bride-to-be telling her fiancé that she can't live with his obsession with cricket, or poker, or fishing, or music.  She doesn't like the way he dresses or that he leaves the toilet seat up.  He will have to change, or the wedding is off!  This, in fact, is what we have been telling God.  Or at the very least we have pretended He isn't really like that. It has to stop.  In the end, we have to take Him as He is, or spend eternity elsewhere.

The fact of wives having to submit to their husbands and husbands having to love their wives to the point of laying down their lives is not negotiable under the Christian Gospel.  God wants PROOF we are ready to submit to HIM for eternity. He's already had to put up with a rebellion of angels, rebellion in the garden of Eden and rebellion of His chosen people, not to mention numerous instances where the entire world population has turned against Him.  (If I were God, I would be utterly paranoid by now!)  He wants to make absolutely sure we are ready, and we can only prove it to Him by submitting to each other. 

The New Covenant has set us free from the legalistic observance of ritualistic rules. But the Spirit of the Law still holds. So wives should submit by choice and from heart's intent, to please God.  Husbands should lay down their lives for their spouse out of free will choice and love welling up inside. There is no room for insincerity. And there is no room for anyone to force anyone else to comply.

The entire New Covenant 
governs a corporate expression of God on this earth based on a multitude of personal relationships with Jesus. That New Covenant will come into its own when the quality of each of those relationships reaches a point of overwhelming agape love, resulting in giving from the heart to all those around us, oblivious of our own needs.


In the end, it really comes down to a very simple question:  Do you love Him?

If you really love Jesus, say 'Yes' to His marriage proposal, and stop trying to change Him! 
Then spend a lot more time in the privacy of your home getting to know your husband-to-be.  Find out how He really feels and what He really thinks.  We can be totally frank and unashamed when we talk with Him.  He doesn't stand on protocol and isn't fussed on ritual.  He just yearns for us to want to get to know Him intimately. 

The fruit of that reality is what the world is waiting for.