Series 4 Introduction: The Bride


If you have got this far through my essays, you know you are dealing with someone who is prepared to take a stand for what he believes.  I don't claim to have all the answers.  All I know is that Jesus deserves better than what we have been prepared to give Him.  The whole of creation is here for only one reason - to provide a bride for Jesus, a bride without spot or wrinkle, one that the Father will approve of as a suitable partner for His Son for eternity. There is no other reason for us being here.  And nothing in this universe surpasses that calling to make life meaningful.

The trend of the church of today is to focus on its constituents rather than on the eternal purpose. That very dangerous trend presents our own fulfilment, success, prosperity and happiness as the main aim and purpose of Christianity. In that context, it espouses wonderful Christian values (nothing wrong with that), but it overlooks the Big Picture.  If I achieve nothing else in my life other than to get just a few of the next generation to question and reassess their priorities in that respect, I will die a happy man.

I already know that no breakthrough is possible while we continue to wear masks. Once we recognise that and start confessing our sins to one another, rather than pretending to be something we are not, pride will remain a huge obstacle to the flourishing of agape love. Only when we become open about who we really are, can we be loved for who we really are. And that is the first step in preparing to change who we are, (just as acknowledgement of an illness is the first step in being cured).  Sometimes such changes require the condition to worsen before it can be fully addressed (one step forward, two steps back), just like my diseased, but still functional, bone marrow had to be destroyed before the new could thrive.

I already know that the way today’s Church functions, so similar to a secular organisation, is an obstacle to the emergence of true Christianity rather than a facilitator. But I have only a few ideas about what should take its place.  I already know that we all have a responsibility to seek personal revelation of the true meaning of the scriptures, so that no leader can lead us astray.  Enrichment of our individual intimacy with Jesus, our husband-to-be, must be the very first step.  I already know that our forgiveness of all wrong done to us is absolutely essential. And I know that the New Covenant and the New Commandment will be vital keystones of the end-time church.  

I have addressed in broad strokes, over the first three series of essays, 1) what the true Gospel is all about, 2) how we would prefer God to be different from what He really is, and 3) I have shared some of my life experiences that have led to my present stand. Through it I have reached a place where I believe that my created being, whilst loved by God with all its imperfections, is not suitable for entry into eternity. I need to change. God, as the Potter, wants to make some crucial changes in me, to mould me into someone ready for that role, being part of His eternal bride.  So here, in series 4, I want to address more esoteric and philosophical subjects, exploring, amongst probably many other things, the concepts of true honesty, honour, love, giving and courage, and most importantly passion, within a framework of Biblically supported Christian life.  As my main aim, I want to find out how to achieve these qualities and make them real and demonstrable values in my life and that of other Christians. 

I am sure that there are many out there who have already had revelation of some of the answers I am seeking, and if you wish to share them with me, you are more than welcome. There is also a never-ending supply of Christian literature out there, and I am sure that many answers are to be found therein, as well as a lot of red herrings. It is impossible for me to read it all, but we could all read some of it, and share with each other when we come across something really good. But I have given Him an undertaking to seek His will and mind constantly, and I will embark on that journey hoping that some of you will be similarly inspired.

What does it mean to be truly ‘honest’.  Is it just telling no lies? Who are we to be honest with?  And what is the impact true honesty can have on the Church itself? Is taking off our masks the key to the end-time church?

Can true passion stay silent?  Jesus was willing to die for His passion - the eternal divine purpose.  And it was His dear wish that His followers down the generations would feel as strongly as He did.

The fire within.  Faith inspires courage and doubt inspires fear.  Where do we find the courage to make a 100% commitment to Jesus?

What did Jesus have to go through to save us?  Why did He sweat drops like blood in agony before His arrest?  And what does it mean to be crucified with Him?

Created in His Image
What does it mean to be created in the image of an infinite supernatural and spiritual being?

The Mind of Christ
What is it like to think like Jesus?  And to what extent should we think like Him? Was He really a fanatic?

The Fruits of the Spirit
How can we appropriate the fruits of the Spirit in our daily lives? Are the fruits the same as the gifts of the Spirit?  And what does it all mean? This essay explains why there is a cost.

The Armour of God
We are in a spiritual battle, and the Bible makes recommendations on how to win.  These pieces of armour are metaphors for conscious adjustments we make in our daily life to make sure God is always in control.

In His Name
There are many names for God. And there is power in them.  This essay examines the names and looks at their importance.  It also looks at reasons for limiting the names we use. And how His name is abused.

What is this thing called honour and why should Christians have more than their fair share?

Jesus called Himself humble. I have never thought of Him as that. He knew exactly what He was about, was very assertive in making His point and gave His life for it.  Our understanding of ‘humble’ and His are probably are quite different.

The Bride
So you want to be married? Guess what?  So does our God, Yahweh.  He has been courting His creation from day one. But who does He want to be married to?

Final Summary
So what is it all about, this Gospel message?  Is it really so hard to come to grips with?  Or are we subconsciously avoiding the Truth?  What is really standing in the way of it coming to fruition?